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More Isn’t Always Better!

More Isn’t Always Better!

lawncare tristate area - kiss my grass tristate - affordable landcaping wv - landscaping in ky - yard cutters in ohMore isn’t always better! There is a popular saying that goes, “If a little is good, more must be better.” But there is an even more popular saying that states, “Too much of a good thing is bad!” If someone who has lived to be 100 years old says that their secret to longevity is a glass of wine a day and a cigar a day, you’re not going to go out a drink a bottle or two and a whole case of cigars now are you? According to experts, Americans spend $40 billion dollars a year on higher octane gasoline because they think it will give them better engine performance. It wont.

This can also be applied to lawn and garden products: More doesn’t always mean better! The most common lawncare product that people over-do is grass seed. You’d think that applying a heavy layer of grass seed with give you a fuller and more luscious lawn, but that isn’t always true. Too many grass seed plans will simply cause a competition for nutrients and space for soil. Mother Nature is in charge of who survives and and who doesn’t – and the majority will die if they don’t get good seed to soil contact. Different grass seed species require different amounts seeded per 1000 sq ft in order to see the best results. For instance, Kentucky Bluegrass has the smallest seeds and they tend to go the farthest, and overtime uses rhizomes to fill in bare spaces. Creeping, Tall, Chewings and Hard Fescues have bigger seeds and require more pounds of seed per 1000 sq ft to adequately cover your lawn.  You’ll be able to read each species instructions on their packets for the best results.

Fertilizers and weed controllers as well as insect controls and disease controls are an entirely different story when you’re talking about applying too much or too little. First – Fertilizers: They’re intended to supplement plant growth when the soil doesn’t provide sufficient nutrients for the best growth. Different plants have different requirements so the market has many different formulas available based on the N-P-K numbers on the bag. There is Nitrogen, which aids in “green” growth. Then Phosporous, which encourages strong roots. And finally Potassium, which helps keep diseases away from your plants! When it comes to these chemical compounds – more doesn’t always mean better!

You have some heavy leeway when it comes to applying too much Nitrogen, but in massive amounts the Nitrogen can actually burn the existing blades and completely burn the grass. Nitrogen has the worst effects of the three chemicals when applied in excess, so its usually the one you hear the most about but too much Phosphorous or Potassium can also negatively impact plant growth and contamination in algae blooms if the plants are near rivers, lakes, and bay areas. Grass plants can only absorb so many nutrients so leaching or buildup of nutrients is bad for the plant, the soil, and the overall water quality.

When applying chemicals or seeds to your lawn, its always best to consult a professional! MowTown Lawn & Landscaping proudly serves the Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia Tri-State area. We’re your trusted contractor for commercial and residential lawncare, landscaping hardscaping, snow removal, shrub trimming and more! Get a FREE quote TODAY!