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Common Yard Irrigation Mistakes
By Mia Cross at April 16, 2019

Common Yard Irrigation Mistakes

Irrigation is very important when it comes to your lawn’s health. Good watering habits make grass roots grow stronger, which in turn makes the lawn more resistant to weeds, droughts and diseases! Even though it’s extremely important… there are many common mistakes that homeowners make when watering their lawn that can cause more harm than they do good.

Before we dive into this, we need to note that watering requirements vary by soil and weather conditions. You shoul always consult with a local lawn care specialist like MowTown to figure out the best irrigation technique for your specific yard. Our goal is to make sure you get the best results possible!


You know that feeling when you’re really thirsty and all you can think about is a HUGE glass of cold water? You drink it all in about 3 seconds and you instantly feel much better? Well, lawns are very different. Watering your lanw too much will not help your yard feel rejuvinated and satisfied. Excessive irrigation encourages shallow root systems which makes grass more suceptible to heat stress. That means your lawn will be more vulnerable to drought and will have a very hard time recovering!

Overwatering can also cause your lawn to become waterlogged, opening the “flood gates” for fungus and other lawn diseases. Squishy lawns don’t look good! But imagine how much worse it would look if fungus popped up as well.


Just like over-watering can cause issues for your lawn, so too can underwatering. Its best to irrigate deeply and infrequently (usually providing 1/3 of an inch of water about 3x weekly), under-watering will weaken you lawns resistance to drought. You can’t rely simply on rainfall to keep your lawn healthy and green – especially when it comes to newly planted grass. Make sure you’re consistantly watering your lawn during growing season.

Treating Grass & Shrubs the Same

Not all plants are created equally. Shrubs and other garden plants have large root systems when compared to grass. Because of this, they don’t need as much water to stay hydrated. Most garden plants and shrubberies need only half as much water as your lawn does. The best way to avoid over watering your shrubs is to water them seperately from your grass. That way, you can keep a close eye on how much irrigation they’re getting.

Incorrectly Using Irrigation Heads

Don’t turn your sprinkler system on during rainfall. Seems like a no-brainer, right? While its a simple rule to follow, it is also super important! We already went over the problems associated with overwatering your lawn and watering your lawn during rainfall is a surfire way to do this! If it rains a good amount, that should keep your lawn happy and hydrated for a few days.

In the same vein, you need to keep tabs on your sprinklers. Sometimes, irrigation systems go awry and some areas can get more water than others. Make sure your system covers your lawn evenly and equally. Also factor in the differences between sunny and shady areas. Sunny areas will need a little more water than the shaded areas of your yard.

TIP: Make sure you’re not wasting water!! An unadjusted sprinkler head often sprays water into the street or onto a sidewalk. Of all mistakes, adjusting your sprinkler heads is the easiest problem to solve. Save some water for the fishes!

Using Different Types of Irrigation Heads at the Same Time

Every type of sprinkler outputs a specifc amout of water over a given time frame. Rotor heads provide about 0.1 to 0.25 inches of irrigation per hour, while spray heads typically output 1.35 to 2.15 inches per hour. You should never have a spray head and a rotor head set to irrigate the same area of your yard.

Watering at the Wrong Time

There is tons of talk about the best time to water your lawn! Some people say evening is best, some people say morning. So what is the truth? Ideally, you want to water your lawn when there is less sunlight and less wind. Before 9am is the best time to water your lawn. If you water your lawn in the heat of the afternoon, the water will actually evaporate before even reaching the grass roots. Watering in the evening is even worse, because it creates conditions which attract fungus!

It can be overwhelming to take on all of this information at once! Thats why you should always consult a lawncare porfessional to find out what the best routine is for your specific yard. If you’re in the tri-state area, MowTown has got you covered – contact us today for a FREE lawncare quote!

4 Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Professional Services
By Mia Cross at April 11, 2019

4 Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Professional Services

When it comes to keeping your yard clean, healthy and green you have two main options…

  1. You can maintain it yourself.
  2. You can hire a lawncare professional like MowTown Lawn and Landscaping!

Lots of homeowners think that maintaining their own lawn is the best option. They think its more affordable, easier and that they’ll have ultimate control over their own lawn. However, that isn’t always true! Professional lawncare services can bring many important things to the table that you just can’t find if you’re doing your own fertilizing and weed control.

Here are the 4 most notable reasons you should consider hiring a lawncare professional like MowTown:
  1. You save time!

    If you hire a lawncare professional, you’re freeing up your schedule to spend time with your family. This lets you actually enjoy your yard instead of feeling like you always need to keep up with it!

  2. We have the ingredients!

    If you go with a professional, you won’t have to worry about all of the different ingredients you need to purchase, or even the amount of ingredients you should apply. It can be a lot to learn, and you run the risk of using the wrong ones – we have the experience to know what works and how to use it!

  3. We have the equipment!

    If you hire someone that you can trust with your lawn, you won’t have to purchase or rent expensive euqipment – we have everything necessary to make your yard gorgeous and healthy.

  4. We have the know how and experience!

    The internet is not always your friend and it can provide incorrect information that might actually harm your lawn. We know all about the regional plantlife and how to care for it – so theres no risk and all of the reward.

There is a lot that goes into ensuring the health and beauty of your particular lawn – and every one is different! Not all lawns are created equally and without the proper knowledge and expertise of a professional – you could get stuck with dead grass!

Trust us… it’s so much easier to love your lawn when you don’t have to worry about destroying it.

Get rid of the stress of caring for your own lawn, and contact MowTown today! We offer FREE QUOTES and are ready to help you get the lawn you’ve always dreamed of!

More Isn’t Always Better!
By Mia Cross at March 29, 2019

More Isn’t Always Better!

lawncare tristate area - kiss my grass tristate - affordable landcaping wv - landscaping in ky - yard cutters in ohMore isn’t always better! There is a popular saying that goes, “If a little is good, more must be better.” But there is an even more popular saying that states, “Too much of a good thing is bad!” If someone who has lived to be 100 years old says that their secret to longevity is a glass of wine a day and a cigar a day, you’re not going to go out a drink a bottle or two and a whole case of cigars now are you? According to experts, Americans spend $40 billion dollars a year on higher octane gasoline because they think it will give them better engine performance. It wont.

This can also be applied to lawn and garden products: More doesn’t always mean better! The most common lawncare product that people over-do is grass seed. You’d think that applying a heavy layer of grass seed with give you a fuller and more luscious lawn, but that isn’t always true. Too many grass seed plans will simply cause a competition for nutrients and space for soil. Mother Nature is in charge of who survives and and who doesn’t – and the majority will die if they don’t get good seed to soil contact. Different grass seed species require different amounts seeded per 1000 sq ft in order to see the best results. For instance, Kentucky Bluegrass has the smallest seeds and they tend to go the farthest, and overtime uses rhizomes to fill in bare spaces. Creeping, Tall, Chewings and Hard Fescues have bigger seeds and require more pounds of seed per 1000 sq ft to adequately cover your lawn.  You’ll be able to read each species instructions on their packets for the best results.

Fertilizers and weed controllers as well as insect controls and disease controls are an entirely different story when you’re talking about applying too much or too little. First – Fertilizers: They’re intended to supplement plant growth when the soil doesn’t provide sufficient nutrients for the best growth. Different plants have different requirements so the market has many different formulas available based on the N-P-K numbers on the bag. There is Nitrogen, which aids in “green” growth. Then Phosporous, which encourages strong roots. And finally Potassium, which helps keep diseases away from your plants! When it comes to these chemical compounds – more doesn’t always mean better!

You have some heavy leeway when it comes to applying too much Nitrogen, but in massive amounts the Nitrogen can actually burn the existing blades and completely burn the grass. Nitrogen has the worst effects of the three chemicals when applied in excess, so its usually the one you hear the most about but too much Phosphorous or Potassium can also negatively impact plant growth and contamination in algae blooms if the plants are near rivers, lakes, and bay areas. Grass plants can only absorb so many nutrients so leaching or buildup of nutrients is bad for the plant, the soil, and the overall water quality.

When applying chemicals or seeds to your lawn, its always best to consult a professional! MowTown Lawn & Landscaping proudly serves the Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia Tri-State area. We’re your trusted contractor for commercial and residential lawncare, landscaping hardscaping, snow removal, shrub trimming and more! Get a FREE quote TODAY!

Don’t be Crabby – Get rid of Crab Grass for Good!
By Mia Cross at March 15, 2019

Don’t be Crabby – Get rid of Crab Grass for Good!

They say a smile goes a long way, so why are so many people crabby? We’re not talking about your crabby aunt Cheryl or Crabby Patties from to Krusty Krab. Why are so many homeowners fixated or concerned with crab grass?

This year has been warmer than expected, and that is causing crabgrass to rear its ugly head earlier – before Summer even gets here. We’ve already heard from homeowners all over the tri-state area are calling and asking if its too late to use crab grass preventer on their lawn.

Crabgrass Prevention - How to get rid of crabgrass - Lawncare in West Virginia - Lawncare in Kentucky - Landscaping in Ohio

So, whats the deal with Crabgrass? Well, this pesky plant starts to germinate when soil temperatures reach 55 degrees. But don’t be frightened – even if it’s been 70 degrees outside for a few days, that doesn’t automatically mean that the soil temperature has exceeded 55 degrees. Even if the soil does reach that magic number, that only means the likelihood of crabgrass germination goes up – it’s not necessarily guaranteed. Crabgrass can take 8-10 weeks to germinate based on your geographical location, the amount of sun, soil types, and the health of your turf grass. If you have a soil thermometer, knowing your yards potential for crabgrass germination is as easy as checking your kid for a fever – and it will really help you know when its the best time to apply preventers.

“I have a healthy growing lawn – should I still be worried?”

Actually, no. A thick lawn is considered the best defense against crabgrass, other weeds, insects and even drought. If you follow MowTowns tips and tricks for maintaining your lawn, skipping a crab grass preventer might not be such a gamble. After all, weed killers and preventers can be harsh on the environment and if you don’t have to use them, its better not to.

But – if you’ve had issues with crabgrass in the past, you might want to look into a more dependable solution. The best time to apply preventers is in mid-April, and then again at the end of May to get better control into the summer months of this annoying intruder. Crabgrass can usually be expected to appear mid summer along hot driveways, sidewalk edges or from heavy foot traffic which scuffs up the ground – killing the actual grass and allowing crabgrass to pop up through the gaps.

If you are seeding, be careful what product you choose to apply to control crabgrass. Some crabgrass preventers allow you to seed grass on the very same day, but some will require that you wait a period before encouraging any new grass growth. There are other ways to avoid mixing harmful preventers with germinating seeds – if you have a bare spot that is only the size of a towel or a garbage can lid, you can use those items to shield your seeding spot while you apply your preventer. After your proventer is applied- just peel back the lid or towel and your seeds should remain protected from the product!

If you’re curious about maintaining your lawn but you don’t know where to start – MowTown Lawncare & Landscaping is the expert lawncare service you’re looking for. We proudly serve the tri-state area of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia and have the knowledge and experience to make sure your lawn prospers this year and every year to come. Contact us for a FREE quote!

MowTown Announces Complete Yard Makeover Contest
By Mia Cross at March 15, 2019

MowTown Announces Complete Yard Makeover Contest

MowTown Lawn and Landscaping Complete Yard Makeover




There is only one way to enter the contest and get a chance to win the Grand Prize or prizes for 2nd and 3rd place:

You must send us a picture of your yard and tell us why you think it needs a makeover. The more reasons you have, the better!  Please be as detailed as possible when explaining why you should be chosen for the yard makeover.

Please note: You must follow MowTown Lawn and Landscaping on Instagram and like our Facebook page to be eligible for any of our prizes.

There are several ways to enter the contest and get a chance to win a weekly prize:

We will be creating posts with information about what you have to do in order to get a chance to win a weekly prize throughout the contest on Facebook and Instagram (tag 3 friends, answer one of our trivia questions, etc.). You must follow these instructions in order to get a chance to win a weekly prize.


We will select 10 semifinal candidates for a Complete Yard Makeover and start the voting on Monday May 13th.  These semifinalists will be announce on Facebook live.  A complete list will be on our website as well.

The winner of the Grand Prize will be selected via voting by the general public.  Voting starts on Monday May13th after the Facebook Live announcement. The voting ends on May 29th.

We will announce how to cast your vote during our Facebook Live session on May 13th.  If you are a semifinalist, get as many votes as you can – be sure to tell all of your friends and family to vote for your yard to win the Grand Prize!

We will announce the Grand prize winner and other winners on our Facebook Livestream on May 30th, 2019.

Weekly prize winners will be randomly selected each week from March 22nd to May 24th, 2019.  These winners will be announced on Mowtown’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


We will keep the weekly winners list on our website.


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